Udemy – College Survival Study Skills [100% off]

Course Description

The course will cover several aspects for successful academic progress.
First we will go over how to focus and what are the key distractions as well as how to minimize them. Then we will go over how much sleep is important based on how many hours as well as the quality of the sleep for maximal academic success. Then, we will go over cramming techniques that should be only used in a academic test emergency or pop quiz prep. We will go over note taking skills and recommended methods to take great notes to reinforce learning. Then we will give tips on how to use the professors office hours effectively so that the material can be understood in the most efficient methods possible. Finally, we will go over test taking skills and test taking methods to do tests in for maximum time efficiency to ensure the best grade possible. This course is recommended for anyone in University to high school. The materials included will be videos and some slides.

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