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Course Description

Do you know about PHP? How good are you at PHP? I’ve got some best courses for you. “Learn CodeIgniter – From beginners to advance” is one out of those courses. There are many developers out their running many websites and companies. You can create your own company too. Having the knowledge of PHP is not enough. Every programmer knows the basic of its language and wants to expertise in it. This course contains all the knowledge of frameworks in PHP. CodeIgniter is one of the famous frameworks of PHP.

On being a web developer since from last 6 years. I have created many websites on many frameworks. Now it’s time for digital training. This course contains 10 video lectures with 1+ hour of training. Daily 10 minutes of training will make you expert of CodeIgniter in a few days.

This course is structured from its basic level to an advance level. In the beginning of the course, you will learn how to step the CodeIgniter on your machine which gives a lot advantage to newbie. Right from there we will learn about various controllers and modules in CodeIgniter. Then we will start with Admin Building and move to creating an Admin login. After that we will create a dashboard and so on.

This course is structured and delivered in such a way that newbie don’t need to have any knowledge of PHP programming and masters won’t feel bored while watching basic videos as there are lot of gem methods in between the videos.

If PHP is your daily work, or your passion, or you want to start learn PHP with its frameworks, this course is for you only. Take this course and start learning with us. A complete support will be provided to you, in case you stuck on of the step or you feel difficulty on any of the lecture or you want to know how the following step works or any other issue. You can post on our discussion area and I will be there to help you.


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