Udemy – Code A Magazine Style Responsive Website With Bootstrap [100% off]

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What is Bootstrap framework ?
Bootstrap is a mobile free first front end development framework to create beautiful and fully responsive websites quickly and easily with out learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and best practices from scratch. 
Build responsive websites Bootstrap Framework ?
You can start creating responsive websites with Bootstrap framework, you just need basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to use this awesome free framework. 
Code a responsive websites from scratch yourself ?
In this course you will learn to code a fully responsive and beautiful websites from scratch with Bootstrap framework. 
what are we covering in this course?
You will learn how to create different sections of your responsive website step by step.
  • Download and set up bootstrap
  • Creating basic project files for project.
  • Adding support for older browsers and mobile devices.
  • starting with header section of project.
  • How to use carousel/slider to display featured content ?
  • How to use .thumbnail class to create magazine style blog/post layout
  • How/why use Tabs model
  • How to add custom styles to your webpages with CSS
  • How to make your image responsive
  • Simple and easy way to customize Carousel/model
and a lot more about Bootstrap 
What needs this course will solve ?
After completing this course you will be able to create fully responsive, mobile friendly website with Bootstrap. 
You don’t need to learn CSS3 media queries/best practices to create responsive websites. Bootstrap can help you to do this with basic/good knowledge of HTML and CSS.
Downloadable Project files
I will provide files for each step. You can download complete project files. 

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