Udemy – Chinese Language & Culture Intermeditate Course: HSK1 (2/3)

Chinese Language & Culture Intermeditate Course: HSK1 (2/3)
Learning Chinese language has never been more simple and interesting. Learn and obtain the HSK 2 certification.

Chinese language can be one of the most attractive and at the same time one of the most useful languages to learn.

You might have also heard that it is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Well, I am here to tell you, that this statement is not true – at least not when you are studying with me.

In this comprehensive Chinese language intermediate course, you are going to build on the knowledge you gained during the Beginner’s course, so you will be able to form more complicated sentences and get a stronger feeling on how Chinese language actually works and how it is connected with Chinese culture.

Learn and Master Chinese Language in this Easy-To-Learn-Chinese Comprehensive Course.

In this course you are going to:

  • Learn how to form more complicated sentences,
  • Use almost all of the interrogative words in Chinese language,
  • Practice the right pronunciation,
  • Be able to ask for and tell the location and time,
  • Learn how to express the possession of something,
  • Explore Chinese history, literature, arts and philosophy,
  • Have plenty of opportunities to practice written, spoken and listening Chinese,
  • Dive deeper into Chinese culture,
  • Give yourself the opportunity to learn Chinese in a unique and interesting way,
  • etc. etc.

Throughout the Chinese Language & Culture Beginner’s Course: HSK2 (1/3) you have already noticed, that learning Chinese can be very interesting and super easy – in this part 2 it will remain the same.

I designed this Chinese language course to show you that Chinese language is not that difficult to learn, as most of the people think. I am using a simplistic way of teaching Chinese and always upgrade from what we already learned.

Learning can always be fun, but only as long as the instructor teaches in a simple, understandable way, which is accompanied with a strong passion for the topic. You’ll receive all of this in this course.


To make learning even easier for you, you’ll be able to download PDF documents for every lecture. There you’ll always have some exercises that will help you practice what you’ve just learned. I am going to cover each one of them in the attached video, so you’ll know the correct answers and have the opportunity to practice spoken Chinese. Complete with attached PDF documents, you’ll be able to work alongside the instructor, who is going to be available for you for any questions you might have about the content of the course.

There’s no deadline for completing this course. You can study the course lectures around your other commitments at your preferred pace.

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