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Certified Salesforce Developer CRM Training

Course Description

Salesforce is a top notch CRM application built on the Force platform. It can manage all the customer interactions of an organization through different media, like phone calls, site email enquiries, communities, as well as social media
Salesforce handles all the customer relationships, by focusing on the sales, marketing and support processes. This is done by working with the standard objects, and facilitating the relationships between them
Who should use the Salesforce CRM?
The answer is simple Everyone
Salesforce has editions for all variety of users. It offers different editions like Group, Professional, Enterprise and Performance. An organization can select the edition they, according their aims, and the features they require
Salesforce covers all the areas of customer relationships, ranging from marketing to service. Any organization that wants to manage their customer relationships holistically can come in and use Salesforce without losing time, and wasting money for software development or hardware infrastructure
What makes Salesforce tick?
Salesforce works by managing the standard objects, and maintaining the relationships between them, and the standard in-built functionalities.
It is built on the following different types of cloud
Sales Cloud
Sales Cloud mainly works based on Lead, Account, Contact & Opportunity objects. Leads can be further converted into account, contact and opportunity objects -an important built-in functionality of the Sales Cloud. What’s more, if any custom fields are added to the lead object, it is also possible to set the mapping for them
Opportunities are well managed by giving them different stages and probabilities.
Service Cloud
In Service Cloud, the base objects are cases and solutions. A Service Executive can create a case on a customer enquiry or a complaint, and the corresponding solution can be stored in a solution object. There is some standard functionality, like email to case, which will automatically create a new case in the CRM on every customer email
Marketing Cloud
Marketing Cloud is an application for marketing purposes. It helps in the creation and execution of marketing campaigns, email promotions, and more

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