Udemy – Catia V5 Essential Training [100% off]


Catia V5 is a software used by many engineers. Knowing how to create a design is very useful when you want to prototype a product and eventually send it off to be created. The objective of this course is to walk you through a complete design of Catia V5 software and teach you the fundamental skills for creating Parts, Assemblies, and Drawings. We take an approach of assuming you have no experience with Catia V5 at all, and get you comfortable with the Interface, all of the picks and clicks.
This course will teach you the fundamentals of Catia V5. Understanding such an immense software program such as this will take some time to fully master. This course will teach you the fundamental functions required to model and document a design you may have. The course focuses not only on the individual tools available in Catia V5, but also on the best approach to the use of these tools, so that the design progresses in a logical manner, leading to a robust, effective and efficient design process. Each lesson builds on previously acquired knowledge and skills, often discussing multiple approaches to a given problem. The series of components created by the user is then used to create a final dynamic assembly.
Upon completion of this course, and with sufficient practice, users should experience increased design productivity, improved design process reliability and a more logical approach to the design process.
We will be covering the following modules in this course:
Catia V5 Fundamentals
Part Design

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