Udemy – Canvas: Teach More Effectively, Save Hours of Valuable Time [100% off]

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What is this course about?
This course will show you how to use the Canvas Learning Management System, or Canvas LMS, thoroughly, and in depth, through step-by-step tutorials. Run the video tutorials side-by-side while you try it out with your own course on Canvas. Please check out some of the free previews of the videos below! 
Why take this course?
To save you time and frustration figuring Canvas out on your own, or waiting for your computer support team to get around to helping you! 
In addition to the Udemy 30 day guarantee, you have my personal promise that you will save time and frustration by these 4+ hours of tutorials in this course. If you get nothing out of this course, I will gladly give you a refund. 
Learning management systems such as Canvas were designed with the end user in mind. Canvas is quickly gaining market share, due to it’s user friendly and intuitive interface. However, as happens with all these systems, they get more and more complex, because the end users, both faculty and students would like features added to help them teach or be more efficient. As they get more complex, the time to learn it increases as well. Those of you teaching are very busy, and often can’t dedicate large chunks of time to learn a new system. This is where this course comes in. Learn how to use Canvas in YOUR time, on Your schedule. The screen cast lectures are broken down into logical chunks, so that you can take small amounts of time blocks at your convenience, and zero in on a specific feature. Then just come back to it later, (even a year later, or the next semester) if you need to re-visit the tutorial. How much information can you remember if you went to a 2 hour class or workshop once of twice a year? This course will always be there! Your membership in this course is for life! 
Finally, you this course is a one-stop-shop for all your Canvas needs, no more waiting for tickets to be answered by a help-desk, or wading and searching through the instructor manual. The tutorials are all logically arranged in sections, so you can easily pull up the screen-cast of the particular feature you would like to know more about. Of course I recommend you go through the whole course, so you can see the potential of Canvas to aid and enhance your teaching and student outcomes. And also in order to see how this course can help save you time and effort on a weekly or daily basis. 
Course structure
The course format is organized in sections, with each section covering a certain area or feature of Canvas, starting with how to get oriented to the Canvas interface, and progressing into how to post your course materials. This course will cover everything there is to know about how to teach with Canvas. Learn all about:
  • Navigation, calendar, notifications.
  • Adding Course content, such as files, drop-boxes, quizzes and assignments.
  • Using rubrics and peer assignments.
  • Course communications, conversations and discussions.
  • How to use the gradebook and the efficient Speedgrader.
  • Extend your course with easy to integrate Educational Apps
  • And much more
As Canvas adds new features, I’ll add tours of those features to this course, and you will get notified. Send me a message if you have any questions, or are looking for coupons or group discounts. 

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