Udemy – C++ Step by Step Training for beginners [100% off]


A language like C++ gives a great introduction into what being a computer scientist is really about. It may not be as glamorous a language as Java, Ruby etc, but it allows you to gain a core understanding of important program features such as pointers and memory management. Even if it is not a language you plan or want to use for the rest of your life, you will appreciate it in years to come when you start to find your desired programming path. C++ is the intellectual predecessor of Java and C#. 
There are Infinite reasons explaining why learning C++ is Important, Some are:
  • Nearly all of the books in science and technology have their code samples written in C/C++.
  • C/C++ compilers are known to produce more efficient machine code than any other compilers (with fortran perhaps being the exception).
  • There are billions of lines of code already written in C++. Your possibilities for code reuse are huge!
  • Well defined ISO standard that is updated by a group of experts from time to time. (It’s not a “frozen” language).
  • Supported on most platforms, from microcontrollers (actually C language) to cellphones.
  • Virtually all of the operative systems are coded in C s
  • It’s like learning Latin to understand English better. A lot of languages were modeled on the syntax and constructs, for example C#, Java, JavaScript, etc. Picking up C++ will give you a head start by teaching you the common denominator between all those languages.
  • Understanding the things that are abstracted away from you in other languages (pointers, basic data structures, garbage collection) theoretically makes you a better programmer even if you don’t directly tinker in the details.
  • It doesn’t happen every day, but one day you are going to need to connect directly to a C++ program API from your high level language. It will help if you have at least a passable knowledge of C++ when this happens.

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