Udemy – C++ programming from scratch: Learn by making real programs [100% off]

This course will be focusing on beginner and intermediate students
but especially ( beginners ) , It will take the student from the
first steps in c++ like ( what is c++ and data handling )
to the higher steps like ( functions and loop )
, allowing the student to have a fresh start and build
a notable knowledge base about c++. After this course you will be able to do your own programs believe me.

The ability to organize and process information is the key to success in the modern age.
Computers are designed to handle and process large amounts of information quickly and
efficiently. However, they can’t do anything until someone tells them what to do. That’s where
C++ comes in. C++ is a high-level programming language that allows a software engineer to efficiently communicate with a computer
C++ is a highly flexible and adaptable language. Since its creation in 1980, it has been used for
a wide variety of programs including firmware for micro-controllers, operating systems,
applications, and graphics programming. C++ is quickly becoming the programming language
of choice. There is a tremendous demand for people who can tell computers what to do, and
C++ lets you do so quickly and efficiently.

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