Udemy – C#.NET LINQ Tutorial – Basics Of Querying By LINQ [100% off]

Course Description

Microsoft developers have been using both OR/M tools,which are LINQ To SQL and Entity Framework, for a long time. Also XML querying operations appear in many projects. For using these technologies, you must be skilled on query technics. LINQ ensures you to create queries efficiently.
In this course you will learn querying by LINQ(Language Integrated Query) properly. We will study totally 2 main chapters during the course. These are; Introduction to LINQ and Query Object Collections.
This tutorial appeals to .NET developers by using C# .NET language. So, before this course you must learn C#.NET basics and Object Oriented Programming principles.
Main purpose of this tutorial is making the best beginning to Language Integrated Query. 
If you follow lecture order and practice whole examples, at the end of tutorial you can easily create queries that all on your need. 
Practice homeworks and answer quiz questions. These tasks are given you to improve your querying skills.
Have a nice learn !

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