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Business Economics - Basics

Course Description

Welcome to the course Business Economics – Basics.

In this course, you will learn about Basics of Business Economics which is the need of the hour, because of wide gap between Economic Theories and Practices.

Business Economics focuses on bridging the gap, because it deals with application of economic theory in Business practices. It is the study of Economic principles in general and the application of the same in arriving proper business practice.

In this course, you will understand

a) Application of Economic Theory to Business Practice – covering

i) Theory of Firm

ii) Cost Concept

iii) Profit Concept,

iv) Measurement of Economic Relationship

v) Predicting Economic Quantities

b) Decision Making in Business

c) Fundamental Concepts that helps decision making covering

i) Incremental Concept

ii) Time Perspective

iii) Discounting Principle

iv) Opportunity Cost

v) Equi-Marginal Principle.

This course is structured in self paced learning style.

Video lectures are used for presenting course content.

Students pursuing CA / CMA / CS / Bachelor of Commerce / BA (Economics) can take this course.


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