Udemy – Bulletproof VPS Setup for Algorithmic Trading in Forex [FREE FOR LIMITED TIME]

Forex trading involves high risks. Technical faults and operator errors can increase them tenfold. Virtual Private Server downtime and crashes negatively affect FOREX traders more than any other industry. Losing money due to technical errors is one of the biggest reasons for Margin Calls of Beginner Traders. Be Prepared and PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT!
In this course I will highlight the advantages of using a Virtual Private Server for Forex trading. It has been a game-changer for me, freeing up my time and taking my algorithmic trading to the next level. If by the end of this course you are not convinced that you also need a VPS I will give you back the money you paid for this course.

In this guide I will show you how based on the types of expert advisors you use to choose a Virtual Private Server which is right for YOUR particular situation. I will show you how to setup an easy-access connection and upload files onto your server, including MetaTrader 4 installation packages and expert advisors.

I will teach you all about MetaTrader 4 Portable mode, and I will even show you how to migrate MT4 from your home computer to your VPS. And YES! This guide even works with the new MetaTrader 4 build 600+ (released in Feb 2014).
I will show you how to fully automate your VPS, so when a reboot happens all your systems will be back online in a matter of minutes! Your Forex Robots will continue trading and the impact on your account will be minimal, if any.

As part of this course I will provide you with proprietary tools to configure your VPS’s Windows registry, startup folder, and to setup a MT4 Watchdog, which will ensure an uninterrupted connection to your broker’s trade server.
Finally, at the end of the course we will run a live test of our VPS by simulating a Disaster on the Server. If you are unable to setup your VPS to auto-reboot or you are not happy with the result, you can have back the money you paid for this course!

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