Udemy – Build,Track and Monetize ($$$) your Web App using AngularJS! [100% off] Worth $99!

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Course Description

We will build a To Do Web Application which users can visit and use using AngularJS like a Professional. You will be able to Track your visitors using Google Analytics and Monetize them using Google Adsense! Learn AngularJS to build a To Do App from scratch.

This course contains currently 6 sections and over 70 lectures!

In the first section we will cover basics and fundamentals and start writing some code to get you warmed up. Then in the second section we will use Bower to install all necessary libraries for our project. In thethird section we will start building our To Do web application from scratch and cover every single detail until we are ready to launch. In the fourth section we will make our To Do Application beautiful by adding font, background, logo etc. In the fifth section we will integrate Google Analytics and Google Adsense. We will test in real time using Google Analytics Reporting Dashboard. In the sixth section we will use Grunt, the JavaScript Task Runner, to run amazing plugins which will help us to polish our project in every detail!

Once we are through it will be up to you to provide us with ideas and feedback on how to grow our content. For us it is important that our students get the best out of this course!

Features covered in AngularJS:

  • Modules
  • Directives
  • Controllers
  • Routing
  • Local Storage
  • Factory
  • and many more!

Learn to install and use:

  • NPM to install Bower and Grunt
  • Bower to install web components
  • Grunt to set up tasks
  • JSHint to identify errors in your code
  • minify to minimize your files
  • Uglify to make your code difficult to de-compile
  • Google Analytics to track visitors
  • Google Adsense to monetize visitors

AND most importantly we are here to support YOU! Once you enrolled we will help you by answering all your questions and supporting you at any point in the course! Our purpose is to teach YOU how to build great apps and we will guide you!

Don’t just watch and learn, also ask and learn.


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