Udemy – Building Self-Confidence: The Science of Self-Confidence [100% off]


This course distills research from psychology and neuroscience from all over the world into lessons and steps that you can take to become more self-confident.
Become Self-Confident and Set Yourself Up for Success
  • Challenge self-doubts effectively
  • Understand and develop ‘growth mindsets’
  • Identify thinking errors and generate alternative beliefs
  • Manage feelings of anxiety
  • Lean into uncomfortable feelings
  • Use positive emotions to raise confidence
  • Use ‘tiny habits’ to build up confidence
  • Learn to leave your comfort zone
  • Use long-term strategies to improve confidence
  • Harness your social environment
  • Stop social comparison
  • Build a detailed confidence action plan
Get a full-fledged self-confidence course that covers every single factor that contributes self-confidence.
Self-confidence is an important factor for how far we get in life. Because self-confidence is part of you achieving your goals, reaching your dreams, creating the life you want. When you start building your self-confidence, you take one of the most important steps towards a successful and fulfilled life. In this course you’ll learn how to build self-confidence – based on the scientific research in psychology and neuroscience.

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