Udemy – Bug Hunting: Problem Determination for Analysts [100% off]

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Course Description

Problems are inevitable. Dealing with problems can be stressful. Take this course and you will learn how to track down problems efficiently and reduce that stress.

“Problem Determination” is the art of identifying where the cause of a problem can be found in a system, so that it can be fixed. Having a reputation for being able to track down the causes of problems will make you more valued. Being able to perform Problem Determination efficiently, or manage others doing Problem Determination will enhance your reputation.

This course teaches you a simple 8-step framework which can be used to manage the Problem Determination process, and techniques which will enable you to isolate problems efficiently. As you complete the sections what you have learned is reinforced by a case study and you can check your understanding using quizzes.

Whether you work on a help-desk, or as a developer, analyst or manager the skills you learn from this course will make you more effective. Problem Determination is a powerful intellectual skill which anyone with an analytical and practical mind can learn. It is a skill which once learned can be carried with you and applied to different systems and in different industries.


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