Udemy – Budgeting, Financial Planning, and Goals That Work for You! [100% off]

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 Budgeting, Financial Planning, and Goals That Work for You!

Course Description

The course is about getting your personal finances under control through the tried and true routines that financially independent people have followed for years.

The Course Includes:

  • defining your values and goals around finances,
  • using simple tools to track cash flow
  • an easy and simple discipline to stay on budget without writing everything down
  • constructing a personal balance sheet, and a method to prioritize expenses to get the highest possible satisfaction from your hard earned money
  • effective and constructive ways to communicate with a partner about finances

Are you transitioning from school to working life, changing careers, or preparing for retirement? Find out if this course is for you!

75% of North Americans identify personal finances as the number one stress in their lives. Stress will kill you. You will Live long and prosper if you take this course. Follow simple routines that will have you putting extra money in the bank every month. This course is the foundation upon which financial independence will be built. The co-authors, Alan MacDonald (a chartered financial analyst and chartered financial planner who has worked as an financial advisor for 30 years) and Paul LaBarge (a senior tax partner at his own law firm who also specializes in business law, arbitration, estate and financial planning) have had, literally, thousands of conversations about personal finances. The same patterns keep showing up among those who have successfully achieved financial independence, and those who do not. You don’t need a business degree to understand or implement the successful routines. A relatively short initial investment of time will see you equipped with tools that can be used easily and successfully through the rest of your life to keep your cash flow under control and your spending focused against the things that are most important to you and your family.

The course is divided into 3 major sections and will take 8 hours to complete. All exercises are included and all you need is a computer with speakers, pen and paper, and an eagerness to learn how to start living a financially fit lifestyle!


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