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Boundary issues present a multitude of problems for people in the workplace, in the family and in relationships. Poorly managed or non-existent boundaries cause resentment and disagreement between people, are a leading cause of poor productivity in a workplace and contribute to elevated stress levels. People who struggle with boundaries find themselves saying Yes when they really want to say No, find themselves unable to protect themselves from unwanted intrusions by co-workers, friends and family. Unable to hold their own and other people’s boundaries, these people find themselves doing other people’s work instead of their own, taking responsibility for things that they shouldn’t and often in trouble for falling behind in their own areas of responsibility. They often feel overwhelmed, under-appreciated and disrespected with little to show for their efforts. 
Communication becomes vague or evasive which leads to misunderstandings and mistrust.
Simply put, healthy boundaries are a necessity for anybody who wants to lead a healthy, happy, productive and successful existence in all areas of life. This course will bring you to a point where you feel confidently able to set and hold a boundary for yourself or others by examining the nature of boundaries, exposing the reasons for our struggles with boundaries and ultimately providing techniques for you to set and manage your and other people’s boundaries. 
Learn and master the art of setting and holding healthy boundaries with this course
  • Set healthy boundaries in any area of your life, work or relationships
  • Say No when you when you should and Yes only when it’s healthy
  • Know when to make a rule or set a boundary
  • Maintain the boundaries you set with ease and grace
  • Assertively confront people who ignore or overstep your boundaries while keeping the relationship intact
  • Delegate easily and hold people accountable effectively
  • Manage others who resist or resent your newly found strength and boundary setting
Mastering boundaries for greater success in life, work and relationships
A boundary is nothing more than a container designed to maintain the integrity of what’s inside, be that your health, sanity, money, family or job responsibilities. The tools and techniques taught in this course provide a gentle, non-threatening approach that will ensure choosing, setting and holding a boundary becomes possible for even the most timid person, in the most difficult situations. By overcoming your own reactions to boundaries, you will acquire the insight and wisdom that boundaries are not punitive or selfish, rather they are the most respectful, generous and empowering way to relate to the world at large. 
Parents, people in leadership roles, employees, or people in any form of relationship with others will benefit from the experience of seeing their own relationship to boundaries, and learning new ways to manage what historically would have been difficult conversations to have and spaces to be in.
This course is perfect for any person who feels that they could achieve much more if they were not constantly side-tracked by other people’s interruptions and requests, or who feels overwhelmed by the business of managing other people’s responsibilities because saying yes is just less trouble than saying no. 
Contents and Overview
In the over XXXX hours of content including 16 lectures, 5 q as well as supplemental materials, this course covers the theory of boundaries as well as the practical tools you need in order to set and maintain healthy boundaries. 
This course covers the importance of boundaries, the definition of boundaries, the reasons the boundaries present a challenge to so many people. It examines the relationship between boundaries and rules as well as ways to determine whether a boundary or a rule needs to be set. Students will learn how to communicate a boundary assertively and techniques to manage other people reactions to a boundary being set or saying No. 
Students will also have the opportunity to examine their own relationship to boundaries, both those that they would like to set and those imposed upon them, including the reasons for their struggle with boundaries. 

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