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If you are like most people, you want to be more productive. You may give yourself numerous tasks every day but find yourself struggling to get them done and achieve desirable results. For a long time, I struggled with being productive myself, and now I want to share with you how I became productive.
As a 17 year old taking standardized tests and doing homework from advanced level classes, it is fair to say that I have a busy schedule. Despite this busy schedule, I have accumulated hundreds of thousands of social media followers and blog visitors all while writing 12 books and publishing a bunch of training courses.
Throughout the years of my journey, I came across more methods to increase my productivity and ultimately be where I am today. Productivity is the key to getting anything done such as writing a blog post or creating your own training course. The more productive you are, the faster you are going to become successful.
In this course, I will reveal the methods I used to go from being unproductive to writing books, creating training courses, and pursuing the life I want to live while in high school on the cross country and track teams.

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