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Course Description

Boolean Algebra is a very important topic and is easy to understand and apply. It is different from elementary algebra.

In this course students will first understand what Boolean Algebra is all about. Next they will learn about the various Laws and important Theorems (Commutative Law, Assocative Law, Absorption Law, Indentity Law, Complement Law, Idempotent law, Involution Law, Distributive Law, The De-Morgan’s Theorem and finally Duality Principle) associated with Boolean Algebra. At the end of this section there is a Live Practice lecture where I have taken up some very good examples to explain how we can apply the different Boolean Laws and Theorems we have learnt to simplify and solve complex Boolean expressions. The main aim is to make you a perfectionist in all the aspects of Boolean Laws, be it their understanding or their application.

In the very next section students will get a very deep and detailed understanding of different types of Logic Gates (AND gate, OR gate, NOT gate, NOR gate, NAND gate, XOR gate and the last one XNOR gate). This section will cover everything one needs to know on Logic Gates. In the last lecture I have taken some examples to explain how one can derive the Boolean Expressions from a give Logic gate diagram and finally simply that complex expression using the Boolean Laws we learnt in the first section.

Overall this is going to be a very exciting course and it is going to be a great fun for my students.

I wish them all the best and look forward for their reviews and discussions.




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