Udemy – Bookkeeping to Command Senior Bookkeeping Wages [100% off] Worth $297!!


This course teaches you how to become a Senior Level Bookkeeper so that you will have the skills to command more money from your employer.
Since you go to work every day, you might as well make good money!
You will have access to well over 60 videos (and other formats) that teach you bookkeeping from the basics; right up to preparing financial statements. 
I start with why good bookkeeping is essential.
I teach you:
All about debits and credits, how to process accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and journal entries. 
How software is mapped.
What an impress petty cash system is.
How to process cash receipts.
How to handle cash collections.
How to process cash disbursements.
How to perform a bank reconciliation.
What a purchase order is.
What an accrual is.
What a reversing entry is.
How to set up the allowance for bad debts.
How to balance reports for sales taxes and corporate taxes.
Understanding and analyzing the trial balance.
The impact that inventory has on the profit and loss statement.
How to perform an inventory count.
How to analyze the cost of sales for a company.
How to prepare your month end balancing files (referred to as month end working paper files).
How to prepare your year end .(referred to as year end working paper files)
How to balance your trial balance to your company’s financial statements.
This course will take you over 4 hours to complete and it is structured in a logical sequence; building up your knowledge from the basics to more complex bookkeeping tasks. 
You should take this course if you want to make money as a bookkeeper or, as a business owner, you want to understand the financial aspect of your business. 

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