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Course Description

Guitar – Blues Style

This course introduces acoustic guitar players to the world of learning blues finger picking guitar and focuses on the important basics that are vital for fast progression to more advanced patterns.

The seven videos presented feature discussions and slow demonstrations of the picking hand finger movements and include on-screen guitar tablature.

Video 1 – Should You Use Picks Or Bare Fingers?
Video 2 – Blues guitar – The Thumb Is KING!
Video 3 – Guitar Blues In E
Video 4 – Guitar Blues In A
Video 5 – Dropped D And open D Guitar Tunings
Video 6 – Open G Tuning And Bottleneck Guitar
Video 7 – On To Ragtime Guitar

The average length of each video is approximately 6 minutes and the course gives a broad insight intolearning blues finger picking for acoustic guitar, providing a solid basis for more advanced study in any of the styles presented.

Jim Bruce was voted N°2 Internet Guitar Instructor by Truefire in 2013.

There is no more exciting thing than beginning to finger pick the guitar. Acoustic blues guitar is where it all started really. In the beginning, rhythmic strumming patterns turned into a basic finger picking pattern and gradually became more and more complex as players tried to invent other styles and basically out-do otherguitar players!

No matter how complex guitar arrangements become, the basic movements are identical to the ones we first learn. These first steps in playing acoustic blues guitar are crucial – the rest of your playing career depends upon them!


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