Udemy – Blender 3D Modeling Tools for Beginner Game Developers [100% off] Worth $99!

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Course Description

In this course we will going to cover some of the basic features that will help you to get started with 3D modeling using Blender.

We will going to start from the very basic like how to navigate then we will look how we can how to select & Transform Objects, and next how we can Add & Remove Objects using different panels and keyboard shortcuts that will help you in your 3d modeling

We will go through how we can smartly use the Interface that will help you in complex 3d modeling tasks.

Then we will move forward to some basics of 3d we will see different Mesh Selection Modes.

After that we will start to look on different tools that are most commonly used in 3d modeling like Subdivide Tool, Extrude Tool, Loop Cut & Slide, Inset Tool, Bevel Tool, Knife Tool and how Delete & Dissolve works.

If you don’t know 3D modeling or you are a beginner in this field so this course is for you.


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