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Industrial marketing is a specialized function and requires the marketing team to be extremely methodical and attentive to details. The complexities are of a much higher degree when the business is conducted through the tendering process. The importance of the process of drafting a contract document cannot be overemphasized. This course enables the learner to understand the process of bidding through the tendering process, and the intricacies of the various clauses of a contract document. 
The process of selling of goods and services to the government buyer or PSU’s or large corporations is done through the bidding (or tendering) process. This course is basically formed of two parts – the first part comprising three sections relates to bidding, or submission of a proposal to sell, and the second part comprising four sections relates to drafting of a contract and the areas where the buyer and seller may disagree and the possible methods for resolving such disagreements. 
The learner gets a fair idea about a notice inviting tender through specific examples in the initial part of the course. The course explains in details the various activities that need to be completed before the submission of a tender document. The method of performing such activities is explained in depth. The course also highlights the importance of placement of the right document at the right place as part of the bidding procedure. It also describes the pitfalls of enclosing the right documents in multiple places, especially details related to commercial or pricing aspects. The various terms and conditions that need to be understood before submission of a bid are detailed in these sessions. The sessions related to the bidding process also explain to the learner the modus operandi for opening of bids and the process of bid evaluation. 
The second part of the course relates to contractual clauses. It explains the various terms and clauses that could form part of a contract. The possible reasons for non-performance of a contract are explained in these sessions, and the disagreements or disputes that may arise during execution of contracts. An explanation of the alternative routes of resolution of disputes is explained in a manner that may be understood even by those not well acquainted to bidding and contracts. The course is a must-take for every individual who would like to market products or services through the competitive tendering route. 

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