Udemy – Beginner’s Profit 101: Reselling Readymade Digital Products!

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Beginner's Profit 101: Reselling Readymade Digital Products!
I will offer Skype support to every student. If you have a problem/question, send me a private message and we will set a time for the call.
UPDATE: 6th of November: I have added an extra product to resell and extra instructions to the “Article Marketing” section! more content coming very soon. 
Learn how to create an instantly profitable information-selling business in only 5 days… WITHOUT having to worry about product creation, and start making money right away.
“So, How does this work?”
The only surefire way to make money as an internet marketer is to sell a great product- period.
There are many amazing products available for you to RESELL, without having to put in the work to produce anything. 
In this course, I will teach and DEMONSTRATE every step of the process. 
The internet doesn’t care who you are: If it worked for me, it will work for you. 
Better yet, along with my videos and my ebook, I will provide you with three top quality products that have been proven to sell VERY well. Those products come with complete sales pages ready for you to upload to the web! 
I will also teach you the art of driving converting traffic to these sales page in no time at all.
Why you shouldn’t stress yourself:
This course requires only a minimal monetary investment : you will need hosting and a domain name-that’s all. 
You have a 30 day money back guarantee. Don’t like my course ? Ask for a refund and we’ll both be on our merry ways. 
Minimize your risks by learning timeless marketing techniques that will never go out of style. 
“What if I don’t live in the US?”
I don’t either.
Do you have internet where you reside? Then you can make money. 
“Howard, I’ve tried something similar before, and it didn’t work”
Your lack of success in the past might be the result of one of the following factors :
    – You didn’t put enough work in.
    My course requires you to work for a couple hours every day for five days straight. If you don’t take this seriously, it won’t yield any results. Making money on the internet isn’t as easy as people think, but with the clear instructions laid down in this course there should be no confusion in your mind about which directions to take.

    – You learned from an unreliable source
    Sadly, many so called « internet marketing gurus » just don’t care. Personally, I have tried it all, and reselling products has my stamp of approval.

    – You tackled a dying market
    Gone are the days when one could realistically expect to live off an amazon affiliate website. Trends fade, and what worked yesterday might now be a waste of time. Today is the 24th of october 2014, and my profits from product resell are still on the rise. 
I also vow to keep this course updated if the internet marketing landscape changes in a significant way. 
Any questions ? If so, please send me a private message and I will get back to you. I will also offer Skype support to every student who asks for it! 
You can get started right after you have taken my course -That means TODAY!

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