Udemy – Beginners Guide to Making GUIs in Unity: Menus and More [100% off]

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Course Description

In this course we will going to cover the most common features that are implemented in almost every game you play which includes.

 Digital clock that represent your systems current time

 Graphical clock just like a wall clock

 A health panel that shows the current lives Example: 5 lives

= 5 hearts

 A health panel that shows the life bar in which health decreases with 10% decrement on every hit.

 A countdown timer that will help you in a racing type of game in which the countdown says “3 2 1 GO!!”

 A countdown timer with the help of textures in which every second the PNG texture changes.

 A message that fades away to show the user any message very briefly then disappear

 A scrollable list that store the score and username of your Facebook friends.

 A compass to show players direction just like GTA.

 A radar that shows all the cubes/objects around you just like a counter strike

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