Udemy – Beginner VR Oculus Rift Development with Unity3D [100% off]

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Beginner VR Oculus Rift Development with Unity3D

Course Description

This class is for the beginner who wants to get into the world of virtual reality. We will make a Virtual Reality Application for MIcrosoft Windows using the Unity3D Software. We will start with a broad overview about the medium of Virtual Reality and how it pertains to modern game design. We will also go over some of the unique challenges we face as VR developers, including simulator sickness. We will download Unity3D and the Oculus Rift SDK and set it up for VR development. We will also build an application as a windows program and talk about how to get that out to the world. At this course’s conclusion you will be a Virtual Reality Developer, ready to hone your craft and make great VR experiences for your users.


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