Udemy – Beginner Sound Production for Udemy Teachers [100% off]

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Course Description

This course is focused on getting the most out of your cheap microphone using free software and only a couple of simple and fast steps. Audio production can seem desperately complicated and impossible to figure out on your own so I’ve created this ‘need to know’ course for you. It only takes 45 minutes to learn the skills and know how to use them. Also it wont cost you a thing! bonus!For this course you will need to have certain materials that include software and audio files. All of this is provided for you so you don’t have to go looking around the web. By providing the software for you i can make sure that you get the right versions too so there is no confusion.

All the tools required are programmed into the ‘Audacity’ software except for one plugin called Ferric TDS (Which stands for Tape Distortion). This adds warmth to your voice and is not something that many voice overs use but it sounds great! This is also provided for free and you are shown how to use it.

Once you start the course I will first show you how to download the software and then i will walk you through exactly how to install it properly. Then i have created individual videos that only focus on one process at a time. I like to keep ideas simple and separate from each other to help crystallize the knowledge you are learning. When it comes to audio production the order you do things really matters too so this design helps to re-enforce this work flow. This Udemy course is a ‘Know Idea’ Initiative. It is efficient, it is effective, it works.

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Udemy Linkhttps://www.udemy.com/beginner-sound-production-know-idea-4zzzfm/

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