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Course Description

Everybody is blessed with a powerful brain,the right part which is creative in nature .

It can think and develop innovative ideas which are very much necessary for the development of mankind .

All intelligent people such as the scholars,the scientists,the professors etc..possess lot of knowledge which should not perish with their demise.

The knowledge and skills acquired by various people should be propagated for use by the people of future generations to continue development,.

It is possible only by transferring the data by writing in the form of books or by recording .

Therefore writing book is a very important activity of the educated people to share their knowledge with other people.

Even though lot of people possess lots of knowledge not many of them do have the skill of writing books for want of specific knowledge of writing .

This course which is strengthened with several lectures covering all aspects of writing help all such interested people to learn the techniques of writing a book the fastest way .
By repeatedly practicing writing in the prescribed manner the student will develop the skill to write and publish his books to get name fame money satisfaction and finally happiness.


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