Udemy – Becoming a published author: First draft to final proof [100% off] Worth $97!

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Course Description

Get your book written and published

This course is designed to help you to get to first draft and beyond.

Now is the time for the big write, editing and perfecting. You have your outline and your chapter structure, which means that you have a plan and a process to work towards.

The objectives of this course is to help you to:

  • Get into the right mindset to start the big write and write your first draft
  • Create an editing plan, which makes getting to final draft easier
  • Understand the rules for first, second and final drafts
  • Learn how to write for different kinds of people and keep them engaged
  • Discover what else can you can do to make your book standout
  • Get your book self-published and ready to sell

This course helps you with your writers mindset and focuses on how to successfully help you get your book written, edited, perfected and published.If you have got the first draft blues or need some help to get to first draft stage then this course will help you get out of the doldrums and turn you into an editor who loves to create magic with their words.First drafts always ‘suck’, they are rubbish and that is perfect. When you write to first draft, it is usually an unconscious download. What happens next is magical. Using a different part of your brain, you take the bones of your book and turn it into something you would be proud to put your name to.This course is about helping you to edit your book to sell and helping you to learn how to engage with your reader more effectively.Once you get to final draft, hand your book over to a professional proof reader, then come back to do all of those other things to get your book ready for publication.


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