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Course Description

If you’ve ever wanted to have smooth interactions and get people on your side, this is a course for you. Increasing your chances of other people liking you has many benefits, and even if you already see yourself as likable, the principles in this course can give you extra tools to more swiftly connect with the people you meet.

The principles in this course don’t come from mere assumptions about likability. Instead, I will rely on scientific research in the field of social psychology to give you an in-depth look at statistically reliable tactics shown to increase liking and attraction.

Importantly, I won’t just provide you with the scholarly research and leave it at that. At the end of each section, I offer ideas on how to translate the scientific findings into concrete strategies that you can implement right away the next time you’re hoping to make a social connection with someone.

Across two hours of video content, we’ll explore seven unique principles of attraction. By looking closely at the available evidence, we’ll learn more about when and how these principles promote greater liking. Each section covers one principle of attraction, and at the end of each section, I review what we’ve learned and offer thoughts about applying the information.

As an award-winning psychology instructor at a large university, I have experience translating research in the field and presenting it in an engaging, understandable way. My students routinely evaluate my courses highly and comment on the passion I have for social psychology. I hope you can join this group of satisfied students and learn something new about yourself and psychology.

So take this course now and begin to understand the science of attraction and what it can do for you!


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