Udemy – Become an Enterprise Architect with TOGAF 9.1 Certification [100% off] Worth $179 !!

You can get certified as an enterprise architect with the TOGAF 9.1 certification exam, and this course will teach you what you need to know! 
Have you ever been in a poorly-designed building, and wondered why the elevators are so inconveniently placed? Or wondered why the men’s and women’s washrooms are placed at opposite ends of the floor, or why there’s only two stalls for the 300 people that work on that floor? Or how that support column sits right in the middle of the room, getting in everyone’s way and making it hard to place furniture around? We all have see buildings that have features or layouts that don’t seem to make sense, and that reveals perhaps a lack of planning ahead of time on the part of the builder.
Just as it takes years of training to become a building architect, it also takes training to become an Enterprise Architect. Much of that comes through on-the-job skills learned working on software projects larger-and-larger in scope. But very definitely there is a very specific way to design software at enterprise scale. 
The Open Group has defined a free and public standard for this method for almost 10 years now, and over 400 companies and government agencies have been involved in crafting that standard. It is called TOGAF – The Open Group Architecture Framework
This course helps you become certified in the TOGAF 9.1 specification. Through learning the Architecture Development Method (ADM), you will become a better software designer. If you already architect software for a living, learning an official enterprise architecture framework such as this takes you to the next level of your career. If you are a software developer, this is your chance to learn the proper techniques for assessing the requirements of an enterprise, and designing the right solutions for today and tomorrow! While software development is skill any teenager can acquire, and the salaries paid to software developers fall or are frozen, it’s those who know the complex skills of designing large software projects that will still be in high demand.
Specifically, this course will teach you:
  • The details of the TOGAF 9.1 Foundation exam, including how to book it, and my experiences taking the exam
  • The basic and core skills of the TOGAF framework
  • The Architecture Development Method (ADM), all of the phases, and the key information to know to pass the exam
  • Other topics covered on the exam, including Architecture Governance, Architecture Capacity, the and reference frameworks such as TRM and III-RM
This course is focused on passing the exam. In person classes for this same exam costs $2,000 and take 2 days of intensive training. This course aims to bridge the gap between that level of in-person training, and self-study. 
If you’ve ever tried to read the TOGAF 9.1 specification, or even the official study guides for the exam, you will perhaps agree that they are lengthy and hard to understand. The TOGAF 9.1 spec is 654 pages long. The official study guide is 265 pages. Both are written in that same style that many official specifications are written in – both very precise and extremely lengthy. If something could be said in 50 words, an official specification will use 500. 
Watching these lectures, doing the quiz questions, and following up with a reading of the relevant section of the specification will save hours off your self-study time, and will give you the confidence to take the exam and get certified at Level 1! 

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