Udemy – Become a Wedding Planner. Start your successful business [100% off] Worth $299!!

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Course Description

This course is created and designed for everyone who would like to work in the world of protocol and wedding planner!!!

At the end of this course, which lasts an hour, you will have learnt everything you need in order to be a wedding organisation expert.

Have you ever thought about having a new profession or finding an interesting and fun job that makes you happy?

If the answer is yes: this is your course.

In a fun and simple way, we will go over all the necessary subjects in order to fully understand the way in which a wedding works.

With 12 videos you will completely get to know the world of weddings.

We are going to find out about the details and the organisation of a banquet, the organisation of Jewish and Islamic weddings, what we should wear when going to a wedding and the best way of designing the invitations.

As well as the wedding details, we will explain in a simple and fun way the notions of protocol such as the best way to lay out the cutlery on the tables or how to dress when going to a luxury wedding.

If all of this seems appealing, don’t hesitate to come on the course

Lean about wedding organisation on this course, created by one of the most prestigious wedding organizers in the world.


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