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Course Description

The good news is that learning programming is not hard! It is usually difficult to learn due to the way it’s explained.

This Course covers almost everything you need to know for becoming a good Web Developer explained step by step in most simplest way with real examples.
If you want to create awesome web pages and have an ambition to make them good quality with fast loading, then this Course is for you.
The course starts with the very basics demonstrating tips and tricks to work effortlessly with web technologies along with clear explanation of what and how.

Long back you could type words into any home computer and get it to say “Hello World,” because virtually all of them came with BASIC (Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). As a programming language, BASIC was generally reviled by digital elitists. But everyone had it, and it gave a lot of youngsters their start in computer science.

Slowly technology evolved and so were new languages invented to keep up the pace with changing world. Now is the time of CRMs, ERPs, AI Tools etc and these work on either the general programming languages like Java, C# etc or they have developed their own Language but the crux is same everywhere.

Object Oriented Programming ( Normally called as OOPs) concepts are the most important or the heart of any technology you are Planning to learn today and when It is clubbed with programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery to give a beautiful look and feel to the user it adds to the customer Delight.

No matter which Programming Language or Platform you are Planning to Learn, this course can take you long way in Life. Learning a programming language and learning how to be a programmer are two different things. First of all you have to learn the basics, the very building blocks of programming like variables, objects, classes, stored functions and so on.

Its all walk before you run thing.

For eg: Salesforce.com has its own Markup Language known as Visualforce to design custom Front ends but if mixed with some Javascript, css, jquery etc it could give some powerful results with less efforts.

In this video series some Important must know concepts of these Programming Languages have been explained step by step.

I know the first programming language you learn will likely be the hardest to learn. I have ensured I make this less of a challenge and more of an adventure and fun. It doesn’t really matter where you start as long as you keep going—keep writing code, keep reading code and hence we provide you lifetime access. Don’t forget to test it either. Once you have one language you’re happy with, picking up a new language is less of a feat, and I guarantee you’ll pick up many new skills on the way.

If you’re eager to learn to code so that not only you can build your own websites and applications to progress rapidly in your career but also want to be able to understand the OOP’s concepts which helps you to stay updated in this ever changing IT world then by all means, dive into this Course.


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