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Be(ad) Stunning! Unique Jewelry Crafting Course

Course Description

Be(ad) Stunning! Unique Jewelry Crafting Course

Let me share something exceptional with you…

This is the first online course ever created about an almost forgotten and over a century old technique of handcrafting beaded statement jewelry, unique for Croatia.

Before I continue, you should know what to expect if you take this course and apply what you’ll learn. You will become a proud owner of an exquisite jewelry piece handmade by you, others will notice and compliment you for!

Create a Gorgeous Handmade Statement Necklace Using a Rare Jewelry Crafting Technique

  • Enjoy the meditative ease emerging as you focus on the beads
  • Experience the excitement of a hand made crafting proces
  • Express your creative genius and design variations of your own
  • Evoke confidence and beauty by wearing this exquisite statement piece
  • Expand your previous knowledge of beaded jewelry making (if you are already an experienced jewelry crafter)
  • Enrich your life by acquiring a unique new skill

5000 glass beads. One statement necklace

Oh, and did I mention Miss Croatia will wear a necklace like this one to Miss World 2015 pageant?

Imagine that! Not only can you wear a necklace this famous, you can also learn how to handcraft it yourself. Even if you’ve never made a piece of jewelry in your life. No previous knowledge of jewelry making is required for following this course.

I designed this course to be easily understood by absolute begginers. Every step of the proces is demonstrated as well as explained in detail.

Nothing is left out. In fact additional resources are included. First of all a 12 page course guide e-book that takes about 2 minutes to go over, and then 2 additional PDF documents that outline the exact desing and the exact number of beads needed for specific parts of the necklace.

Be(ad) Stunning! Unique Jewelry Crafting Course, in a nutshell:

What does this course include?

  • 27 lectures
  • 3,5 hours of video content
  • Course guide ebook
  • 2 outlines in a PDF format
  • Close captions in Croatian

What are the materials needed for crafting the necklace demonstrated in the course?

  • glass round seedbeads size 11 (TOHO) in: red (15 grams), blue (15 grams) and white (45 grams);
  • glass faux white pearls (210 pieces, size 4 mm);
  • transparent nylon thread (15 meters/16 yards, 0,25 mm thick);
  • 1 stopper;
  • round nose pliers;
  • scissors;
  • 1 big safety pin;
  • cotton pillowcase (standard size: 23″ x 47″, or 60 x 120cm), or a cotton sheet

Who is this course for?

  • Statement jewelry lovers
  • Handmade jewelry crafters
  • DYS enthusiasts
  • Jewelry designers
  • Fashion designers

Who is this course not for?

  • this course is not for you if you have a diminished vision, or
  • if you are not willing/able to spend a lot of time sitting at a table doing repetitive motions

How can you make money after taking this course?

  • by handcrafting and then selling your versions of this necklace
  • by becoming an affiliate of this course

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