Udemy – Basics of Statistics – Series II [100% off]

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Basics of Statistics - Series II

Course Description

Welcome to the course Basics of Statistics Series II.

Introduction to statistics were covered in Series I course and this course will take you through the concepts of Measures of Central Tendency.

You will learn that there are two types of averages namely Simple Average and Special Average.

Simple Averages are Mean, Median and Mode and Special Averages are Geometric Mean and Harmonic Mean.

Gaining knowledge on Averages will help us to analyse the information, when we large volume of data. Yes! When we have large volume of data, it would not be possible to analyse each and every data. In such cases, averages plays a critical role. Averages are part of large volume of data, but will represent the volume.

This course will explain the theory and practical aspects in averages.

This course uses simple terminologies and the target audience are any one who are interested in learning basics of statistics.

Video lectures were used for delivering the course content.

This course is structured in self paced learning style.

Take this course to gain clarity and authority in Basics of Statistics.


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