Udemy – Basic Finance for Startups & SMEs. Quick, Clear & Practical [100% off]

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This course teaches entrepreneurs, managers, startups, and small-and-medium-size enterprises essential business finance.

The video lectures discuss the three major financial statements (income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows) on what they are, their purpose and how they can be created. In addition, it discusses the cash and accrual method of accounting in terms on how each method recognizes revenue and expenses for a business with clear examples. The course also focuses on different analysis tools for analysing financial statements, such as trend analysis, vertical analysis and variance analysis in order to evaluate areas of the business and make effective decisions . Finally, it provides different realistic methods by which the entrepreneur may raise capital at the early and later stages of the business.

By taking this course you will have the opportunity to understand Business Finance quickly and easily. This is achieved by the use of multiple examples in the lectures illustrating thoroughly business finance topics and also by the numerous exercises and templates that are provided to students as a way for them to practice and internalise more deeply the taught material.

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