Udemy – Basic Electrical Engineering – Secrets Revealed [90% off]

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Basic Electrical Engineering - Secrets Revealed

This Course “Secrets of Basic Electrical Engineering – 1” will cover the below mentioned topics in detail – enabling the students to definitely say “AH-HA”..! Now I understand this..!!

So the topics covered are of a very wide range as this being part 1 of this series.

The Topics Covered are
1. Three Pin Plug Internal Construction & Safety
2. The Power Triangle Mystery – KVAr Explanations
3. Insulation Resistance – Understand it Better
4. Animated Circuit Breaker Working & Construction
5. The Transformers – Internal Construction & Name Plate Explanations
6. Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) – Broken apart and explained.
7. Solenoid Valve Working & Construction
8. Why to use High Voltage?

The List is not ending here, soon will be added up as and when time permits.

These Topics are exhaustively covered with deep explanations with examples.

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