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Aviator's Wife Tells of Home Front Life During World War 2

Course Description

This course will give you a greater appreciation for the fortitude it takes to not only serve in the military, but to be a spouse supporting a member of the military.

The course content provides a very personal look into how one couple dealt with decisions to enlist, to marry, to find housing, and to stay connected with an ocean in between them while the War was raging.

In this documentary-style course, you’re treated to approximately two hours of video in which Vickie Maris, instructor, interviews her 93-year-old mom, Lucille Maris, about life as a young bride during World War 2 in the 1940s. Lucille’s husband, Jim Maris, was a pilot of B-24 bombers who flew out Wendling, England in 1944.

You’ll also get to view presentations of photos, drawings, receipts, letters and other memorabilia that were archived by the couple during the war years.

This journey spans from Lucille’s early life on an Illinois farm to the time in the late 1930s when she was dating Jim and taking her first flight in a plane with him. Next is the decision to enlist in the US Army Air Corps, and the young couple’s decision to marry. While the course is told through the perspective of this aviator’s bride, you will also learn about the pilot’s experiences as he was in training and combat.

Travel with them as they move from base to base during Jim’s flight training, and then learn about Lucille’s memories of saying goodbye to her young husband as he waved the wings of his B-24 to her as she stood atop the roof of the Hotel Jayhawk in Topeka, Kansas.

The course includes photos and stories from Jim’s life on base with the 392nd Bomb Group of the 578th Bombardment Squadron. He flew 30 missions out of England, his second being D-Day. Look at memorabilia from his time on a tow target base where he flew A-20s and other aircraft that towed targets for fighter pilots to use for in-air shooting practice.

Jim Maris was a life-long pilot and educator. After 23 years of service in the US Air Force, he completed his career with 30 years of service at Purdue University. You’ll hear Vickie and Lucille talk about his time at the university where he was called in to establish the department now known as the School of Aviation Technology.

Come along for this journey through history of the USA home front and life on base in England as the lives of these 1943 newlyweds unfold from one course lecture to the next.


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