Udemy – Audition CC: Record Voice + Post-Process Audio Recording [100% off] Worth $249!

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Course Description

Are you frustrated of your audio recording, facing troubles with echoes, noise and reverb?

Are you an Online Course Creator or Premium Udemy Instructor?

Don’t worry I have come up with a simple, superb and surprising solution.

When you pass on each lecture you will feel confident that you can make wonders in audio recording with minimum investment

Are you planning to upgrade your Mic?

Are you searching for which mic will do best in audition?

Stop searching please!

Don’t get shocked your smartphone is going to do wonders now in place of Mic.

Is this the right course for YOU?

This course is mainly for Udemy instructors, podcasters, voice over artists, online tutors and online course creators, who wish to get best/excellent quality audio from the audio gear they already have.

You might be a songwriter, and want to get into audition so that you can record your songs for others to hear.

You may want to record vocals, other instruments and successfully express what you are trying to say in your songs.

Maybe you’re not into music, but want to record your voice clearly for an audio book, seminar talks, or some recorded classes at school.

This course will definitely give you the power to create advanced, clear, noise free audio recording.

What value will I get from this course?

I will help you Remove reverberation from audio recordings without using blah blah blah items.

You can even remove background noise completely, improve voice quality and sound – easily following my step by step instructions.

Is it even possible?

This is the digital age, and we don’t record on reels of tape any more.

  1. You’ll simply need a computer, a simple software installed in it.
  2. One T-Shirt, a notebook
  3. 2 small size Table Mat
  4. And a smartphone.

Normally the sounds recorded through a microphone are highly affected by the environment they are recorded in.

Outside noise can be picked up, and the sound being reflected around your room will spoil the recording. So if you are planning to increase your budget and buy a high end audio interface or microphone, I will give you a simple solution.

Come on! Invest your time in this course and create wonders!

Am I the right instructor?

Experience is the best teacher!

When I created my first course I was reviewed and rejected approval, because of poor audio quality.

Reason is my audio has got background noise.

After some deep thoughts, I recorded my audio in night time, waiting idle for the whole day time.

But the shocking thing is I was again rejected for reverberation.

I was simply helpless at the moment and was searching for a best solution online, in almost all websites.

But nothing worked out.

Then I suddenly got a solution and now, that solution made me, to stand before you with this approved and improved audio quality courses.

Now I would say proudly that I am one of the Udemy instructors having 3 approved courses in hand.

I felt it’s time to share that one solution to you all, which will help you to get the best / excellent audio and clear voice in your audio recordings.

What are you waiting for?

I know what is running in your mind now!

Do you want to know and apply that solution?

Yeah join my hands and improve your audio quality, so as to improve instruction delivery and production quality.

I will not leave you helpless anymore. Take my course and I will travel along with you until you get your desired audio quality and a crystal clear voice in all your recordings.


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