Udemy – Apple Watch – 5 things you Should know before buying [100% off]

Course Description

Did you know that the Apple Watch holds 5% battery for 3 days!!???
YES! It goes to “Reserve Mode” and it last for up to 72 hours (showing the time) Amazing!
Did you know that Apple is shipping 2 BANDS on the Apple Watch Sport Edition? YES!
This course is about the Apple Watch!
Here you will find tools that will help you to do the most difficult thing right now… DECIDE WHICH APPLE WATCH you are going to buy!!!
You will also learn lots of details about the watch that not everybody knows.
Have access to very helpful tools where you can virtually combine different stiles, band, colors, editions of the Apple Watch to see which is the Apple Watch that is part of your style!
You will see 2 different screen sizes. And access an App that will show you the Actual Size of the screen so you can test it on your wrist.
The time is passing…. Enroll now and let’s decide which Apple Watch is the best for you!
Click the “Start Learning Now” button and See you inside the training.

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