Udemy – Animation & Design : Become A Professional Within 10 hours ! [100% off] Worth $99!

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Animation & Design : Become A Professional Within 10 hours !

Course Description

I make over one template & 5 vector images in an hour . I made an approximate average of $25 to $15 per template . And my one image gets $5 – $10 . Which gives you $100 – $60 per hour !

Start learning animation & graphic designing from scratch , absolute no experience needed !

I’ll be teaching you all the necessary items which you might like to know for your project . Even if this is just a hobby , you have come to the right place .

Nothing more required then a bunch of softwares ( of course paid ) to take this course !

Things you would like to know about the course :

  • This is my own personal experience through which you are able to learn about these ways of making money ! So full guarantee of success in making money if you follow my steps correctly . And if you are not satisfied then feel free to take a refund !
  • Learn After Effects , Premiere Pro , Illustrator & Photoshop to make the most out of your resources
  • Know about the companies that are the best to sell the templates on !
  • Learn to make templates , project files , learn the basics & a bit of advanced about these softwares
  • Know about freelancing & more as bonuses !
  • Get the guidance from me & ask me for any query through this course at almost anytime
  • Know about other resources such as photos & media
  • and much much more !

If you still have any doubt on my authenticity please check my second lecture where I actually show you some raw & true proof

And the most important thing is that I don’t only walk you through the things but I also show you my mistakes so that you can learn from my mistakes . The videos are totally unedited & real so therefore sometimes you might feel some void but believe me you can learn a lot of things through the mistakes I make while teaching you some things ! And that’s definitely why you must take this course ASAP !

Make almost pro type videos & projects after taking this course , The things I teach you are pro level but the rest of it depends on your creativity !

Just take this course now to make money & finish up your projects or start your hobby as soon as possible !


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