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Android Lollipop: Complete Development Course
In this course, learn how to build progressively more complex Apps using Android Lollipop: you will start off by building basic apps, and progress to a calculator, an app that downloads a list of top 10 apps each day, and even your very own Youtube video player.
In addition, each week, for the next five weeks, new training on building ever more complex apps will be add to the course. These apps will take advantage of, and showcase the new features of Android Lollipop. See the main section below for specifics on what will be covered in these new apps!
Have fun learning!
Whether you’ve already been creating apps for Android, or you’re ready to get started, this course is designed to help you become one of the first developers on Android’s new Lollipop system!
Lollipop is geared toward better interaction between the user and the device, which means that programmers need to completely revamp the way they create apps. This course is designed to help you get the skills you need so you can be at the forefront of Lollipop app development. 
Master App Building for Android Lollipop
  • Understand naming conventions.
  • Install and Configure tools on Windows or Mac (videos for both platforms included).
  • Learn Debugging Techniques
  • Explore how Android works “under the hood”.
  • Understand how to build Android Apps.
Be Part of The Next Generation of Android
Android 5.0, or Lollipop, is the biggest thing to come to Android devices (including tablets) since the development of the Android system. 
With Lollipop, you’ll never have to miss new email with new displays allowing your inbox to show next to the message you’re reading. And with new ripple animations, you’ll be able to touch and swipe your screen in new ways. 
Developers are just starting to see the potential in this new technology, which means games, videos, and messaging are all about to undergo transformations that were previously unattainable with current platforms. 
Combine all this with 64 bit architecture, and improved A/V sync, and you’ll be able to use Lollipop to develop apps that you’ve always dreamed of. 
Contents and Overview
During this course you’ll learn everything there is to know about developing for Lollipop, including taking advantage of its new animations and crystal clear graphics. 
You’ll begin with an overview of Lollipop, Google’s naming conventions, and Android core concepts. 
The majority of Android development uses either Android Developer Tools (Eclipse) and also the newer Android Studio from Google. 
In order to maximise your skill set and marketability for future Android work, both tools are explored in detail, include separate setup and configuration videos covering both Mac and Windows.
You’ll come away with a solid knowledge of how to install, configure and use both for creating Android apps. 
Configuring of Android devices is explored in detail, allowing you to setup your own real Android device for testing or an Android Virtual Device (An emulator which runs on your Mac or PC). This means you can still create apps even if you do not own an Android device! 
Once you’re up and running with the software, you’ll begin hands-on building, beginning with simple apps such as a calculator, a top-10 daily apps display, and even your own Youtube video player.
Each and every step of the build process is shown in detail, and clear explanations are given as to why you are doing things in a certain way, to really solidify your understanding of the Android development process. 
Not only can you follow along with the videos step by step and build Android apps, but you will also understand what you are doing as well! 
Building these projects will help you understand the basics of Android development, and then in the coming weeks, the more advanced apps being added to the course will show you many of the new techniques and functionality built into the new Lollipop SDK to really make your apps pop! 
New Content Being Added To The Course Weekly!
In addition to the five apps already in the course from day one to build, over the next five weeks, you be able to build apps with the following functionality. 
A game built from scratch taking advantage of the new game technology in Lollipop. 
An all new app that takes advantage of the stunning new material design from Lollipop which brings all new and stunning visual, motion and interaction to your apps. 
You’ll will also learn how to take advantage of the all new enhanced notification functionality built into Lollipop as well as heads-up, display content and actions in a small floating window. 
Webview has been extensively updated in Android L, and we will cover how to take advantage of this new functionality and build in web content direct into your Android apps. 
You’ll learn how to implement background tasks with the new job schedule API, which is a really cool and powerful feature in Lollipop. 
Finally, you will also learn how to implement the new Lollipop camera functionality with our Camera app we build in week 5! 
Bonus Java Tutorial Included And Being Added To Weekly!
In addition to the five new apps being added one per week over the next five weeks, a new module for the Java tutorial will be added each week! 
You will learn how to take advantage of Asynchronous code, XML parsing, downloading, multimedia, advanced API usage, and a lot more! 
By the time you finish this course, you’ll be ready to design and deploy your own work as one of the first wave of Lollipop developers! 

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