Udemy – Android Development Essentials with DIY Project [100% OFF]

Android since its launch from just one device in 2008, i.e. HTC Dream has come a long way and conquered the smartphone industry in this six year journey. Android has not only made its presence felt in these six years but it has also created new industry trends and revolutionized many industries while providing seamless integration with your smartphone.

 The reason for Android’s popularity is the fact that it is Open Source. Since, it is open source the developers get a very open ended platform to start development for android. Not only this, the added factor for its popularity is the existence of an easy to use and well build pre-defined libraries for android. This gives the developers a much easier approach towards development while maintaining the same level of grip over the language. Android is written in mostly Java which provided a chained approach to managing libraries. This is an addition factor due to which so many developers started to make apps for android platform.

Google has over the years made its code even simpler, such that anyone can easily get into android development. Android has a huge community of developers behind it constantly working on making the platform more and more awesome.

If you are still not a part of this amazing community then it’s still not too late to reconsider. Android is the new wave which not only is taking over the smartphone industry but all relevant industries. LG has launched a new wave of smart home appliances like refrigerator, microwave, air-conditioner, washing-machine, etc. which are based on android. These devices go a step ahead by suggesting you what to buy and making a groceries list for you based on what is running out in your fridge seamlessly. It can also go a step ahead by automatically switching your air-conditioner on whenever you are approaching home, to be greeted by that perfect environment.

There are vast opportunities in the Android world which is yet to explored, and you can also join this ever brewing community. If you have a basic knowledge about any programming knowledge and the apt to learn android development you can learn a lot from this course. This course will give you the proper kick start that you need to get into android development. If you have the appetite to advance in your career, this course will definitely be something you should pursue.

What will you learn in this course?
We will be covering a wide range of topics that will help you to start building your own apps. We will also demonstrate all of the learning outcomes by making a live project.

This project is a Get Together Application which will teach you a lot about the different UI elements and how to structure them. You will also learn how to implement SQLite and create a database to manage multiple friends.

We have also included an outline for a Do it yourself (DIY) Project. This project will your gateway to android development world. We want you to complete a student timetable app (Outline provided) or any other application which you are comfortable with and then submit it to us. Our instructor will then rate your project and provide certificates with Grades. These certificates can be showcased to highlight your skills.
Course Includes –

  1. 4+ Hours of High Quality Videos
  2. Lifetime support through email.
  3. Source Files for all the individual topics
  4. Yoda Cheat Sheet.

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