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Anatomy of Digital Photography

Course Description

This course is designed for those students who are interested in learning how to use a digital signal lens reflex (DSLR) and want to get the most out of the features inside.

The course is made up of 26 videos with transcripts for each video.

Section 1 introduces the course.

Section 2 contains two videos. One explores Ansel Adam’s zone system and how this helps to gauge the tonal range within an image. The other looks at techniques used to get good composition.

Section 3 looks at the different types of cameras; types of sensors used; image resolution; how to use iris, shutter speed and iso; what camera modes are used; a discussion on white balance; and an exploration of different light metering modes.

Section 4 goes through the workings of a camera lens; explores different focusing methods; how different lenses work and when to use them; how to do close-up work and use extension tubes; and a discussion on four types of filters.

Section 5 examines lighting situations with the first video cover daylight and the second going through artificial lights.

Section 6 concludes the course, with a bibliography to help you explore further sources of information.

I see this as a starting point for the course as each area has the potential for more discussion and examples, so I intend to build on the material already included so far.

Course Structure:

  • Course introduction
  • Fundamentals of photography
  • All about cameras
  • How to use lenses on a digital camera
  • How to use daylight and artificial lights
  • Course Conclusion

Currently, the course contains about 1 hour of video tutorials.


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