Udemy – An Introduction To How I Build $100MM+ Startups [100% off]

An Introduction To How I Build $100MM+ Startups

Course Description

If you had the option to learn to throw a football from a 40 year old who played football in high school or an award winning, professional quarterback, which would you choose?
Hi, I am Mike Stemple a professional, multi-successful, serial entrepreneur and innovator. I am really excited to make my courses available here on Udemy. It seems like just yesterday I had the opportunity to mentor one of the founders of Udemy as he made his way through Founder Institute, and now I am launching a series of courses on his amazing startup! 
Inspirer Mike Stemple, an expert at ideation, innovation, startups, and brand creation, who has built over 20 companies that have grown to be worth $100+ million, for the first time is revealing all the tips, tricks, hacks, and processes he used, and still uses, to rapidly grow an idea into a full fledged business. A sought after speaker and an award winning mentor Mike’s teaching style is to the point, based on REAL world experience and at times humorous in his candor and life lessons. Along with his video lessons Mike is sharing his treasure trove of cheatsheets, templates and how-to guides that he has himself built over a 20 year successful career. These documents by themselves are worth thousands of dollars and they are included with each relevant course. 
In this introductory course Mike covers the basics of startups and entrepreneurism. He covers what it takes to build a startup and more importantly why you should do it at all. 
Here are some of the questions covered:
  • Are you ready to be an entrepreneur?
  • What do you need to know to be a successful entrepreneur?
  • Which traits do you have that can help you be successful?
  • What are the basic skills every entrepreneur need?
  • How should I envision my company?
  • What is a typical day like for a successful entrepreneur?
  • How valuable is my idea?
  • What are the ways I can make money?
  • How can I get into the industry of my idea while keeping my day job?
  • What are all the questions I need to be able to answer to be a successful entrepreneur?
  • What are the step-by-step things I need to do at the beginning, middle, and end of my startup?
  • What are some of the mistakes successful entrepreneurs do NOT make?
  • What buzzwords do I need to avoid so I don’t sound like an amateur?
Here are some of the topics covered:
  • Why I do it.
  • What qualities predict success.
  • What it means to be a professional entrepreneur vs an amateur.
  • Most entrepreneurs are building a non-profit and they don’t know it.
  • The 3 “P” Skills Every Professional Entrepreneur Has To Master
  • A better way to envision your company.
  • My daily process “A typical day” What does a founder do?
  • Mistakes Professionals Entrepreneur Do Not Make
  • The Value Of Ideas
  • The 3 Ways To Make Money before Quitting Your Day Job
  • 101 Questions a Professional Entrepreneur Must Be Able To Answer
  • The Startup Checklist – How to quick start your startup and look professional.
15 Lessons & 16 Downloads
Total: 3h 50m 47s : Min: 3m 48s : Max: 42m 12s : Avg: 15m 23s
The course will keep updating frequently, and of course all future updates are absolutely FREE!
Why This Course Is So Unique
I actual TEACH it. Most instructors write up content and use a teleprompter to deliver it, I don’t. All my lessons are taught with only notes for my review. I believe the best instructors SHOULD be able to talk about their topics without a script. Because I do not follow a vetted script my lessons take you on a journey. I talk about the real-world success and more importantly the mistakes I made in my companies. I teach each topic off the top of my head because I know the content inside and out. After building 20 companies and hundreds of products I know all the mistakes you can make and will teach you how to avoid them. All my courses also use real-world examples that I ACTUALLY did vs pointing to someones else’s success and teaching to it. 
Additionally all my courses feature numerous downloads of the ACTUAL files I use to build my companies. I walk you through each one and demonstrate how I use them to rapidly grow my ideas into companies. 
And finally I ACTUALLY am the one in the forum answering questions, not some intern or outsourced partner. My responses are sometimes pithy, sometimes funny, sometimes insightful, and always genuine. 
My Philosophy
I believe that courage is the engine of life, driving each of us forward to live extraordinary lives and do exceptional things. I believe that we seek those who create the fuel of life, inspiration. And once filled, we set this engine in motion by simply… believing. Believing that we are worthy, that the goal of life is to live it completely and absolutely. To live a life that would be worthy of inspiring others. I believe the greatest thing a person can become in life is an Inspirer, one, who by example, helps others find their courage, helps them to believe. One who creates inspiration, the fuel of life, and gives it away to the next generation of inspirers to be. 
VIP Access To Me
In addition to me teaching my own course lectures, I prioritize access to my Udemy students via the course discussions and private messages. All students of my courses can message me on Udemy and ask me questions. With a company called “Inspirer” you can guess I take mentoring/coaching/inspiring pretty seriously! 
Money Back Guarantee
All my courses come with an unconditional, Udemy backed, 30 day money-back guarantee. 

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