Udemy – An Advocacy Algorithm—For Today’s Global Citizens [90% off] Worth $197 !!

An Advocacy Algorithm—For Today's Global Citizens


Change Is In Your Hands
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead
This A to Z course is designed as a Bootcamp for civil society activists, interns, volunteers and global citizens called to make a difference at the United Nations and at other related international intergovernmental meetings where critical policies are being forged.
The focus is on understanding the UN Structure (today’s pre-eminent peace building organization,) how it works, how to interact effectively with it, and how to make an impact there.
Students get rich in-depth lessons that include:
  • Over 12 hours in more than 30 lessons about the UN, its structure, decision-making, members, landmark documents….
  • A solid understanding of the global institution, it members, bodies, functions, the various decision-making procedures and more
  • Access to insider information that would otherwise take years to discover
  • Time saving links to hard-to-find resources
  • Strategic perspectives for those “walking the corridors”
  • Sections on advocacy, framing, how to build social capital, mobilizing resources and more
  • The one thing most NGOs do nothing about, but can make the biggest difference to your impact at the UN
  • And much, much more
More importantly, the course carefully guides members of civil society so they can navigate the complex environment so they can make a difference.
Depth & Breadth
In the Advocacy Algorithm we cover a lot of territory, accumulating a breadth and depth of information, recommended strategies, know-how and insider tips and tricks that will shave hours, weeks or even months of time off your learning curve.
Plus the materials, downloads, resources and additional recommended resources and reading will satisfy those with a voracious desire to learn.
We provide downloadable mp3s, pdfs, difficult-to-find links,additional resources and juried texts. 
The Advocacy Algorithm deftly blends knowledge with know-how so that you can focus on leveraging you and your organization’s strengths as global citizens and change leaders in the shortest time possible with these Advocacy Skills.

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