Udemy – Amazon Author Central: Marketing Books Like a Pro [75% off]

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Amazon Author Central: Marketing Books Like a Pro
Indie authors have more ways to sell ebooks with Amazon than at any other retailer because Amazon has enabled so many useful tools for them. Surprisingly, many authors are not using these options at all or not effectively. Authors who make the most of the available tools sell more books and generate more reviews, which helps continue the cycle. 
This video walks new and established authors through the steps of doing everything in their power to make the most of their Amazon presence. You’ll learn to:
  • create a complete and efficient Author Central profile for Amazon USA and nations all over the world.
  • make Amazon Associate-Affiliate program profiles and benefit from additional commissions on future sales.
  • build Global Amazon links for purchases and reviews to be left in the proper nation worldwide.
  • maximize your Amazon potentials
Whether inserted in a website, blog, email signature or within the book itself, you’ll discover how easy and wise it is to always use Global Amazon links, which will give you the advantage since it is still not being done by many authors. 
Taught by Jason Matthews, author-speaker-blogger-publishing coach, who has mentored thousands of writers with his guide, How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks

It’s time to make of the most of your Amazon potentials.

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