Udemy – Airline Business and Strategy: How to run an airline [51% off]

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Airline Business and Strategy: How to run an airline
If you are interested in airlines, this is the place to start!
The course is designed to help the newcomers, job seekers, analysts, journalists and curious understand the fundamentals of the airline business. 
Recent history has shown that profit margins at airlines are razor thin and a strategic faux-pas can have dramatic consequences. 
This course will guide you through the different strategic levers airlines use for organic growth: network and fleet planning, revenue management, product definition and sales and distribution.
The instructor reveals the airline industry best kept secrets! 
The course is based on publicly available data and a lot of industry benchmark coming from years of experience dealing with airlines of all sizes. 
The course is very dense and side discussions are encouraged to clarify any outstanding point.
Operational aspect of running an airline such as Flight Operations, Maintenance Operations and Ground Operations are not part of the course, they are mentioned only as a cost component and product differentiators when applicable. 

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