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Course Description

In February of this year, I made $7105 by renting out my unit on AirBnB, and that hasn’t even been my best month.

This course will help the complete novice and experienced AirBnB host alike, as there are tips for students at every level! I walk you through everything you need to know about renting out your spare room or even your entire apartment on AirBnB.

Not only do we cover every single piece of the AirBnB puzzle in detail, we also provide “Swipe” files with things like all messages I send to guests, the spreadsheet I use to analyze my competition, and other trade secrets that have helped me run my AirBnB business.

My Swipe Files alone are worth the price of the course, and can save you tons of time, simply take what I wrote already and copy and paste! This material that has already proven to work, just insert a few minor details like your address and phone number, and you instantly have a head start!

Learn all my AirBnB Tips and Tricks, and you can beat 99% of other AirBnB hosts in your market to be the top ranking and grossing host!

In this course you will get detailed, easy to follow blueprints that cover:

– A step by step guide of how I grew my AirBnB business from $0 a month all the way to $7500 a month!

– All the work that needs to be done before you list your unit, so you can build a proper foundation

– How to analyze your competition and make a plan to beat them!

– How to determine the exact right amount to charge per night in your area.

– Recognize the steps to hit the ground running as soon as you launch your listing.

How to craft the perfect listing, take the best photographs, write a catchy title, engaging listing description, and more!

– How to supercharge your listing and get to the top of AirBnBs listing results for your area.

-How to setup your AirBnB listing so its on “autopilot” and requires virtually no work from you, only a few minutes a week oversight!

Get a free 30 minute consultation with me to review any part of this course, your listing, or AirBnB questions!

Have you ever heard about AirBnB but aren’t sure how to get started? Or are you an AirBnB host already looking for ways to maximize your bookings, increase your AirBnB ranking, and reduce the amount of time you spend working on your listing? Then you have come to the right place!

I have received 45 positive reviews for my listing, and my unit ranks at the top of AirBnB for the very competitive market of Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii. My listing is in first place for a unit of 4+ people, out of over 500+ units listed!

I can show you exactly how I got here, and teach you everything you need to know to get your listing to the top of AirBnB while making a lot of money and maybe some new friends along the way too.

This course covers all facets of AirBnB. If you want to rent out a shared of private room, we have specific modules for that. And if you want to rent out your entire place, we give you specific tips for that.

Our course actually comes with 5 distinct blueprints, which we recommend you implement in order if you are just starting out. However the more experienced hosts can just jump right into the advanced content if they like!

Our 5 AirBnB Blueprints are:

1) Before you list : Market Research and Analysis

2) Crafting the Perfect Listing : How to beat 99% of AirBnB Hosts

3) Hosting Baiscs : The Secrets to Perfect Hosting

4) Advanced Hosting Tips and Tricks : How to Supercharge Your Listing

5) AirBnB Arbitrage : How to travel the world for Free!

Each of these blueprints stands on their own, however combined together they create the best AirBnB course ever offered!

We can show you how to get started with AirBnB, even if you have never even rented out a room in your house. In our first two blueprints, we show you the lowest risk ways to start with AirBnB and how to gauge your local market to figure out exactly how much you could potentially make per month!

Our two middle blueprints show you on the ground lessons learned from the day in and day out hosting of over 100 guests. You can get up to speed and be better prepared then 99% of other hosts by learning all the tips and tricks of the trade that took me over a year of trial and error to learn on my own.

My personal favorite blueprint is AirBnB arbitrage, where I show you how I traveled the World living solely on my AirBnB income. It is totally possible, and I can show you every steps it took me to get here.

I am personally involved and respond to all questions and comments in the course, so you will never be far away from help as you go through all the lectures! Plus, don’t forget to take advantage of my free 30 minute consultation on any AirBnB topic you like!

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