Udemy – Agile and Scrum – the basics in under an hour! [100% off]

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Have you heard the words agile and Scrum being used around your workplace, but you have no idea what they mean? 
This course will help you understand the basics of agile and how Scrum fits into it. We specifically designed this course to be easily understood by complete beginners. 
In less than one hour’s time you will be able to explain the Agile Manifesto and the Scrum Framework. You’ll know the five Scrum Values and have a understanding of the three roles in Scrum so you get an idea of who does what. 
You will get a Course Workbook to make notes in and do exercises in. Each section has a video lesson and exercises and questions to help cement your learning. 
At the end we have a short quiz for you to do, as well as suggestions to further your learning in the world of agile and scrum. 

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